Eat Well At These Washington DC Restaurants That Serve Up Delicious Food

You know you are about to be enamored when you show up to the nation’s capital city of Washington DC. The Capitol is home to more of the country’s top attractions than you can count at the moment, and the same can be said for your choices when it comes to restaurants. Would you like some help regarding some great places to eat? These four Washington DC restaurants aim to please and are favorites of visitors and locals alike.

Keren Restaurant is quite the interesting establishment, and you will enjoy some delicious Ethiopian cuisine there. Located on Florida Avenue NW, Keren Restaurant serves up dishes that are quite spicy, and the place is always packed. This restaurant doesn’t just make food preparation about the taste but about the presentation. This restaurant visit is also your chance to try Ethiopian beer if you have never had the chance. There are so many unique foods to try that it will be hard to make up your mind.

Tabard Inn Restaurant is all about brunch. Enjoy the delicious bread basket, and other menu favorites include donuts, home fries, duck breast, trout and crab cakes. This restaurant has been around since the 1920s, as has the hotel, and it is also a hotel. Not only is it a hotel, but it is a historical hotel, the oldest one in DC that is still open. Maybe you would like to stay there during your visit.

The Riggsby is a popular Washington DC restaurant, too, and it is on New Hampshire Avenue NW. The brunch spot is known for great service as much as it is known foe great food. Some popular menu items are lobster fra diavilo, strawberry shortcake and salmon. Sandwiches of different types are also a menu favorite, and this place is just all around unique and interesting.

BLT Steak is on I Street NW, and it is of course known for steak, as well as its BLTs. Reviews also mention popovers, racks of lamb, Yorkshire pudding and much more. You will love your visit to BLT Steak and all three of the other establishments that were mentioned. Washington DC has so many unique places to eat that it is really hard to know where to start. It is hard to know where to start with just these four places, don’t you think? You will choose a good spot though, and hopefully you get a chance to eat at several establishments.