The Four Oddest Washing DC Attractions

The Pacific North West area of the United States of America is known to house some of the most pristine natural beauty features with world-class attractions. The stereotypical items that most tourists choose to view in Washington include the White House and the Lincoln Memorial. Despite being an area of great historical importance, Washington DC does have a quirky side as well. In this article, we will provide information on the top four strangest attractions found in Washington, DC.

1. The Self-Kicking Machine – Rockport, Washington

For those tourists who are willing to admit to a masochistic streak in their personality, Washington is proud to present a self-kicking machine in Rockport. This self-kicking apparatus is considered one of the most intriguing items in the state and can be used by tourists from all over the country. All you need to do to be “kicked” is point your rear end at the rotating boots, then give the machine a crank and allow the kicking to begin.

2. The Historic Nuclear B Reactor – Hanford Nuclear Reservations Site, Washington

Well known for their National Space Museum, Washington DC also provides space geeks with the option of viewing a historic nuclear reactor. When visiting the Hanford Nuclear Reservations Site in Washington, you will be able to enjoy the radioactive features and environment that was explored by astronauts. In fact, this area is so nuclear that flowers cannot be removed from the ground because of the level of contamination. The only problem is that you will require a US passport to gain access to the reservations site.

3. Marsh’s Free Museum – Long Beach, Washington

Despite being known for their shopping detail, Long Beach can also be visited for the special Marsh Museum. This fixture in the area is over thirty years old and a journey inside the feature reveals a bizarre array of antiques including shrunken heads, cast iron sausage stuffers, and an eight-legged lamb. The star attraction at the free museum, however, is Jake the Alligator man. Half man and half alligator, you are sure to shudder at the sight of this beast.

4. The Nutty Narrows Squirrel Bridge – Longview, Washington

The Pacific Way was originally a death trap for the squirrel population of Longview. As the rodents attempted to run across the intersection, they were often struck by vehicles and killed. As an attempt to end the slaughter of these squirrels, resident Amos Peters constructed the Nutty Narrows Squirrel Bridge linking the tall trees adjacent the public library to those on the other side of the Pacific Way. It is now a unique and highly valued tourist attraction in Washington DC.